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A simple philosophy: Do it right the first time.

Small and medium-sized businesses choose AK Enterprises for their complete business solutions and day to day operations. We strive to provide exceptional service and customer support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

A Family Owned Business

Which brings out the finest in us day to day.  We work with the surrounding communities to find the best features in our staff.  In order to achieve our promise, we must continue our search for knowledge and our education to enhance and further deploy projects which are only available in the year of the future.


Malware got you down? Ask about our advanced protection!

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IT Solutions

In order to provide the service you need, we must find the goal of your operations in order to provide the best solution based on the needs of your company. We will never be closed minded on questions or solutions that are offered. Open-mindedness in business is one of the easiest ways to accomplish your goals. If there are any questions you might have please click on the contact page and contact us at your convenience.


Flexible IT support, on-demand.

Managed Backup

Rest easy and never lose a file again.

Disaster Recovery

Recover from a disaster in minutes.

Emergency Support

Emergency support available.

Need a backup solution? We have you covered!

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Cloud Services

AK Enterprises offers a variety of cloud-based services designed to keep your company up and running without incident, including proactive server monitoring and advanced endpoint protection utilizing the latest in cloud scanning technology. In the event disaster does strike, we offer cutting-edge recovery software that can have your critical business infrastructure back online in minutes, even in the event of catastrophic hardware failure.

Cloud Backup

Store your important backups offsite.

Disaster Recovery

Backup your infrastructure in the cloud.

Managed Antivirus

Managed, cloud-based antivirus.

Server Monitoring

We keep watch on critical infrastructure.

Are you protected? Plan for disaster before it strikes!

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Our clients are on the cutting edge of technology.  They open their minds and businesses to new ideas day to day.  Their performance is based on quality in order to bring a product that recognizes the demands of today's world.  

Real Estate
Banking & Accounting
Law Firms
Commercial Distribution
Retail & Sales
Plus Many More

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